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Sugartown Sunrise


Color Description

pink-yellow bi-color, pale

Shape: Ball

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Shipping Information

Tubers will be shipped out according to your Plant Zone as well as local current weather unless instructed otherwise. My goal is to get your dahlia tubers to you 1-2 weeks before your average annual frost-free date. Eg. Zone 8 ships mid-late March, Zone 6 ships late April –early May, with the caveat that the weather in upstate NY is trustworthy enough to guarantee safe travels from me to you.

I do my best to make it as easy as possible to do business with; another benefit of supporting a small farm business. Please let me know if you’d prefer your tubers early, maybe you want to take cuttings, maybe you want to give them a head-start indoors. Please also let me know if you’d prefer them shipped later, perhaps you won’t be returning to your summering grounds from your wintering grounds until May 1 and you live in a Zone 7a, maybe you’re going on a trip in the Spring and won’t be back until May 15 th … life happens, and you’re in charge of your schedule. I have the ability, flexibility and the desire to be understanding and accommodating so you can have the best dahlia-buying experience possible. On that note, if you decide you want/need more tubers than you’ve already ordered, I CAN combine-ship! Please reach out to me if you’d like to do that.

All orders are shipped via USPS in flat-rate boxes. You will receive an email from USPS indicating that your package has been scanned and is officially in transit including the tracking number.

Tubers are packed in lightly moistened peat moss in a plastic unsealed bag with the Pack Slip and are labeled with the SKU with a permanent marker. The label is located on the tuber in line with the eye. Plant the tuber with the label facing up (4-5” deep, horizontal) and your dahlia will sprout from the top (away from gravity as it should) ensuring the new growth will not be compromised by growing down and doing a U-turn to grow up. I think planting the tuber without regard to gravitropism may produce a plant that isn’t as strong and sturdy as if it’s set in place with the eyes facing toward the sun and sky.

The other reason I label the tubers with a permanent marker is so that when the clumps are dug up in the fall, if it wasn’t labeled in the field, and if the flowers all turned brown, and if you can’t locate or didn’t draw up a planting diagram … you can still read the label once you dig them up and be able to correctly identify the variety. (Yes, I made all of those mistakes, perhaps, multiple times, before developing this nifty almost fail-safe cross- reference/identification strategy.) I did experiment with stamps, and they’re a pain, and they’re generic. If you have any quality issues with any of my tubers, I can easily identify my tubers from others as hand-writing is unique. Furthermore, you can be sure that it passed my rigorous QA/QC as every tuber literally has MY stamp-of-approval. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase PLMK ASAP so I can correct the problem. I’m only a phone call, text or email away if you have questions or concerns!




Thank you to all my wonderful customers for supporting my small farm business!

As always, I strive to provide the best customer service and encourage you to reach out to me email/call/text if you have any questions or concerns.