About The Farm

Labor of Love Flower Farm is located in Upstate/Western New York in the town of Victor sandwiched between the aptly named towns of Bloomfield and Farmington. We’re about a half hour southeast of the City of Rochester, aka. The Flower City!, which is between Buffalo and Syracuse on the Erie Canal. Located on the northern edge of the Finger Lakes Region, our farm is smack-dab in the middle of glacial country. The terrain is comprised of hills (moraines & eskers) and valleys with a stream bisecting the land. The soil is fantastic! We  enjoy ample rainfall and lovely vistas. The farm is most definitely my “Slice of Heaven”.

In addition to growing flowers we also raise beef cattle on our 70 acres and lease adjacent land for hay production. We are a diversified farm making productive use of an old dairy farm. The house and original barn are c. 1830; the old barn is getting a new foundation and we are very excited about a new work-space for flower processing and a new BIG cooler, more tuber storage space, an office and of course indoor parking for our collection of tractors, implements, tools, etc.

Meet The Farmers

LOL Flower Farm is owned and operated by Amy & Jaret Knickerbocker. We were farmers independently and met at a farmers’ market. Amy was pedaling her petals and Jaret was slingin’ his steaks, and our booths just happened to be next to each other. 2014 was a very wet summer in upstate NY – so we had an abysmal sales season – BUT – plenty of time to get to know each other. Amy asked Jaret out on a date, repeatedly; and the answer was always “I have to make hay” – well, not being a cattle farmer (then), and not understanding that it wasn’t akin to “I have to wash my hair,” I gave up. But, then, a couple weeks later, he says, “so, what about that music festival?”

The rest is history as they say. We had an amazing first date hiking the waterfalls at Hi-Tor and then going to the Middlesex Music Festival. (I’ll spare you the gory details of me ending up in the hospital for stitches at 2am but certainly a memorable day!) Two years later we were married and, well, here we are, growing flowers and raising beef cattle! Pure Bliss! (if you have a sense of humor – LOL!)




Thank you to all my wonderful customers for supporting my small farm business!

As always, I strive to provide the best customer service and encourage you to reach out to me email/call/text if you have any questions or concerns.