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Buy Flowers or Tubers

Browse our wide selection of dahlia varieties that have been finely curated and tailored
for the wholesale/event market
as well as the home gardener

Grow Your Own

Growing your own dahlias can be a challenging but very rewarding experience;
here are some tips to get you started!

Visit Us

Tours are offered August - October;
Garden Clubs and Dahlia Addicts are highly encouraged to schedule a visit to experience one of the largest dahlia farms in NYS

Labor of Love Flower Farm is located in Upstate/Western New York in the town of Victor about a half hour southeast of the City of Rochester, officially known as The Flower City. Our farm is nestled in the glacially-formed hills and valleys of Ontario County with a stream bisecting the property. The soil is fantastic and we (usually) enjoy ample rainfall and lovely vistas. The farm is most definitely my “Slice of Heaven”.